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Saturday, February 1, 2014


2-6 THRU 3-2 26 Jay St, Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY 11201 BETSY STUDIO


In 1996, PESU started his artist career as a graffiti writer in his home town of Shizuoka, Japan, very close to Mt.Fuji. He then relocated to Tokyo,Japan, where he lived until moving to the USA in 2001. He spent 3 years in California schooling, painting and experiencing the great mother of nature. The following year, he came to NYC. Since moving to NYC, he has made many remarkable achievements, such as winning the Art Battle competitions 3 times, appearing on MTV, working with NIKE iD, EVISU, COACH, Lacoste, Anvil, J.Crew, Whole Foods, Monika Chiang, Morrissey and so on. He is also working with NPO's such as Earth Day NY, Lutheran Social Services of New York, Global Autism Project, Keen New York, the Cristian Rivera Foundation, American Cancer Society, etc. Pesu createted the Logo of LOVE SAVE JAPAN overhanging the streets of NY in 2011, the year the earthquake hit in Fukushima. This logo of love he created for Japan was selected by J.CREW for Tote bag and T-shirts, and then released in the United State. The collection sold out, and all proceeds were donated to the Red Cross through the Fukushima. After that, all donations collected by Love Save Japan are donated through the Fukushima (JALCC) Lions Club. In 2012, with the permission to get a green card in the United States, PESU become a member of the artists working in New York City officially.

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